Crew - 2020

Seating Capacity
Dimensions (mm)
2000 x 2000 x 900
Total Jets
Mid Sizeā€¦ Big on Comfort The Crew delivers everything most people are looking for in a spa. From our single lounge to our 2 deep therapy seats, the Crew seats up to 6, making it perfect for families.You can enjoy a relaxing deep tissue for all the large muscle groups, or you can dial down the pressure for a more refined massage.
Dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 900
Seating Capacity 6
Total Jets 35
Filling Capacity 900L
Load Shed 16 amps
Full Load 23 amps
Specifications Specifications may change without notice

MIdnight Canyon

Ocean Wave

Pearl Shadow


Sterling Marble

White Pearl

Charcoal Select

Coastal Grey


Walnut Select